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Halloween is a fun holiday that involves decorating the house, choosing your favorite costume, and roaming the streets for candy. Unfortunately, Halloween isn’t as fun for the smile. In fact, if you’re not careful, Halloween can result in enamel erosion and tooth decay. So, to help you keep your child’s smile safe this Halloween, our dentist, Dr. Justin Warcup, has some tips for you, which are:

-Make sure your child has a full stomach before they head out trick-or-treating. This can help reduce the temptation your child has to fill up on candy.

-Encourage your child to choose non-sticky candy that is easier to eat. This is recommended because the stickier the candy is, the longer it will cling to the teeth, which can promote dental issues.

-Limit your child’s consumption of sour candies. This is encouraged because sour candies have acid, which is a substance that wears away and weakens the tooth enamel, promoting dental issues.

-When your child eats some of their candy, make sure they only eat a small amount in one sitting. After they eat the candy, have them follow it with a glass of water or with a thorough brushing routine. These things can help lessen the effects the candy has on the teeth.

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