Does Your Child Have a Tongue-Tie? Take the Quiz!

Does your child have a tongue-tie?

Please answer a the brief questions below to see if your child could have a tongue tie.

    Baby Issues (Past or Present)

    Painful nursing or shallow latchDifficulty bottle-feedingSlow or poor weight gainReflux or spitting up oftenExcessive gassiness or fussinessProlonged feeding time at the breast or on the bottleMilk dribbling out of the mouth when eatingClicking or smacking noise when eating

    Child to Adult Issues

    Frustration with communicationTrouble with speech sounds, hard to understand, or mumblingSpeech delaySlow eater or trouble finishing a mealPicky eater, especially with textures (e.g. meat, mashed potatoes)Choking or gagging on liquids or foodsSpitting out food or packing food in cheeksCrooked, crowded teeth, or highly-arched palateThumb or finger sucking or prolonged pacifier useRestless sleep (kicking or moving while asleep)Grinds teeth at nightSleeps with mouth openSnores (quiet or loud)Jaw joint (TMJ) issues (popping, clicking, or pain)Frequent headaches or neck painMouth breathing during the dayEnlarged tonsils and/or adenoidsRecurrent ear infectionsFrequent sinus issues/upper respiratory infectionsHyperactivity or inattention

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