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Did you know a dental crown can restore teeth that are broken into bits? If there is enough tooth remaining, a dental crown can mold broken bits back together to form the basis of a solid and sturdy tooth that looks and functions as a tooth ought to. Dental crowns provide durability to teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted.

Erase your frown with a dental crown. Here are some of the benefits:

– If a tooth is too far damaged or worn to receive a dental filling, a crown be used to hold the tooth and filling in place.
– Dental crowns can improve teeth that are damaged, stained, discolored, decaying, and even broken. Not only can crowns prevent future damage, but they will also enhance the aesthetic look of the tooth as well.
– Dental crowns can be used to conceal other oral health care treatments, such as tooth replacement therapies like dental implants and dental bridges.
– Dental crowns protect your teeth by placing a crown or cap on top of a tooth to conceal and protect it down to the gum line.
– If you take care of your crown correctly, a dental crown can last anywhere from 2 decades to a lifetime of use.

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