If your child is born with tongue- or lip-tie, they may experience difficulty while nursing. While this is a common side effect of having a shorter lip or tongue frenulum, our team at North Texas Smiles wants your child to be as healthy as possible. Dr. Justin Warcup has extensive experience diagnosing and treating children with tongue- or lip-tie in Fort Worth, Texas; if you notice that your baby has difficulty nursing due to a shorter lip or tongue frenulum, we welcome you to call us at 817-732-9341 and schedule an appointment with our caring dentist.

Babies who are born with a shorter lip or tongue frenulum (the skin membrane that attaches the tongue or lip to the inside of the mouth) can experience difficulty when it comes to nursing. This is a common side effect of tongue- or lip-tie, but it can lead to several other health issues if the condition is not treated.

When an infant has tongue- or lip-tie, they may not be able to get a seal on the nipple while breastfeeding. This can lead to several heath issues, including:

• Insufficient amounts of food while nursing and difficulty gaining weight
• Spitting up, gas, or colic due to inhaling excessive amounts of air
• Thrush, nipple blanching, cracking, or bleeding in the mother

When a mother finds it difficult to breastfeed her child, it can become easy to dismiss breastfeeding altogether and turn to bottle feeding. If the cause of nursing problems is a tongue-tie or lip-tie, there are many simple and effective treatments that can help your child nurse properly.

If your infant is experiencing nursing problems, we welcome you to come by our practice. We can help determine whether your infant’s difficulty with nursing is a result of tongue- or lip-tie and provide the appropriate treatment. Feel free to contact us with any questions!