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Your diet plays a key role in your oral health, as the substances you eat can potentially be dangerous for your health. Although eating in moderation is always the best form of action, it may be prudent to consider removing certain foods from your diet completely.

Foods with high acidity should be avoided if possible. This includes foods such as sour snacks, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and sugary drinks. The acids in foods and drinks can lead to dental erosion and weaken your tooth enamel, which, over time, can cause cavities to form.

You should also stay away from products that can crack or chip your teeth, or linger around your mouth long after you have eaten them. Hard candies, corn on the cob, and candy apples all could lead to oral accidents with a single bite due to their tough exteriors, so use discretion always especially with braces. Other foods, like overly sticky treats and other chewy delights, have been shown to cake onto teeth and gums, which will continue to eat away at them if they are exposed and damage your braces and oral health.

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