North Texas Smiles utilizes dental loupes to magnify your teeth, giving Dr. Justin Warcup a close-up look at any dental problems that your child may have. Dental loupes also help us to perform treatments and procedures more efficiently, leaving your child with improved oral health. We invite you to contact our office at 817-732-9341 for more information on dental loupes in Fort Worth, Texas, and to schedule your appointment.

Dental loupes, also known as surgical loupes or magnifying loupes, are a special, surgical telescope that magnify areas of your mouth, improving our ability to accurately diagnose various dental conditions. For example, dental loupes can help us distinguish between a small, developing cavity and a stain on the tooth. The precision of dental loupes allows us to provide more effective treatments for your child, and prevents the likelihood of incorrect diagnoses. Dental loupes are typically used during dental procedures, magnifying your child’s small teeth to help Dr. Justin Warcup perform complex procedures while helping your child to remain comfortable. Dental loupes are usually binocular, like a strangely shaped pair of glasses, and are often fitted with a small light for convenience, allowing Dr. Justin Warcup to use both of his hands while performing your dental treatment.

Dental loupes are also used in many other professional fields, including watchmaking, photography, geology, biology, electronics, the jewelry trade, and gemology (the study of gemstones). The magnifying power and precision of dental loupes make them a very valuable tool for many professionals.

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