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The minute your baby’s tiny teeth start to peek above their gumline, you might simply think “How adorable!” What you need to do to take care of them might not cross your mind for awhile. That’s why our team at North Texas Smiles is here to remind you to do just that! It’s vital for you to care for your baby’s smile as much as possible. Here’s how:

Offer them fluoride: Fluoride aids in supporting and strengthening your baby’s little chompers. It helps prevent tooth decay and other dental issues. Did you know that many cities in the U.S. add fluoride to tap water? If your city does this, you’ll want to offer this water to your child. You can give your child formula mixed with water or just give them a small amount of water in a sippy cup or bottle. However, too much water can sometimes be unsafe for babies. Talk to your pediatrician about the proper amount of water to give your baby.

Clean their smile: As soon as their teeth begin to appear, you’ll want to invest in a little baby toothbrush with soft bristles, a small head, and a large handle. At first, soak the brush with water and mildly scrub the little teeth. You can ask Dr. Justin Warcup when to introduce toothpaste to your child’s smile. Once your child turns three, you can use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste.

Avoid filling bottles with sugary drinks: Baby bottle tooth decay is a commonplace dental issue for many babies, but it’s certainly avoidable. Simply avoid filling your child’s bottle with sugary liquids and send it with the child to bed. In fact, try to avoid putting sugary drinks in your child’s bottle as much as possible. Use breastmilk, formula, and water instead.

If you do this, your child will be on their way to pristine oral health. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more, please remember that you can always call our office in Fort Worth, Texas at 817-732-9341. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin Warcup if you have any special needs. We are glad to help you!