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Dr. Justin Warcup understands that as a parent your child’s health and well being are a top priority. Just like how your son or daughter needs periodic trips to the doctor, regular dental care is also important. Bringing your child to Dr. Justin Warcup’s dental clinic is a great way to keep tabs on the health and development of their mouth as well as finding easy answers to any of their oral health development questions.

You can expect your child’s first teeth to erupt from their gums around four to six months old. The American Dental Association recommends that you schedule your child’s first dental checkup at some point between when the first teeth emerge and their first birthday.

Thoughtful scheduling might help reduce your child’s chances of fussing during the checkup. A morning appointment or one scheduled shortly after their usual afternoon nap time might help them maintain a calm mood. During the appointment, it might also help to keep your own attitude positive and upbeat as your child will likely tune into your emotions.

Feel free to ask Dr. Justin Warcup any questions you might have about the health and development of your child’s mouth. The teething process can sometimes be stressful. Some simple tips can help prepare you to minimize their discomfort and ease the process of their emergent primary teeth.

If you live in the Fort Worth, Texas area and your child is ready for their first trip to the dentist, please call 817-732-9341 to schedule an appointment at North Texas Smiles.