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Did you grow up selling your chompers to the Tooth Fairy? Would she also set a bit of money beneath your pillow as payment for the tooth? If so, you likely were raised in the USA. Our Tooth Fairy custom is fun for us, and other regions have their own customs for disposing of baby teeth.

In India, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines and Vietnam, children throw chompers lost from their lower jaw on top of the roof and lost chompers from the upper jaw under the floor, all while shouting a desire that their tooth be replaced by a mouse’s tooth; rodent chompers continually grow. In Japan and China, children throw their fallen lower teeth upwards and their lost upper pearly whites downwards, every now and then even burying them. This is done as a symbol to urge the adult chompers to grow in straight and in the right direction. In Sri Lanka, children toss their teeth while a squirrel watches, asking it to swap their lost tooth with a permanent one.

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