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Happy news! Your baby has arrived. Now you need to prepare for your baby’s first tooth. Don’t fret about it. Just follow the guidelines below, and your child will be well on his or her path to a long life of healthy smiles!

You can start even before your baby gets her first tooth. Good oral care starts by wiping down your baby’s gums with damp clean cloth or clean piece gauze whenever she is done eating. The first visit to the dentist should come within six months of her first tooth and before her first birthday.

You can brush your baby’s teeth with a toothbrush small enough to fit her mouth and a very tiny bit of toothpaste. Talk to your dentist about when to start using fluoridated toothpaste. Once your child starts teething, a clean, chilled teething ring can help relieve the pain, or you can apply gentle pressure to her gums with a chilled spoon.

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