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Caring for your braces is an important part of straightening your teeth. If your braces are not clean or if they are broken, they cannot do their job properly, and your course of treatment will take even more time.

Here are some tips for caring for your braces:

– Remember to brush your teeth slowly and safely to avoid damaging any parts of the braces.
– Wash your retainer and any removable parts at least once per week.
– If your braces should break, never try to fix them yourself, as doing so can result in damage to your braces, gums, and teeth.
– Due to the design of most braces, there may be restrictions on what you can eat to avoid damaging the appliances.
– Make sure you keep your appointments with your orthodontist and your dentist, and follow their instructions regarding your treatment.
– If you can’t use dental floss, try switching to a different interdental cleaner such as a water flosser or an air flosser.

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