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The 20 primary teeth in your child’s mouth are meant to provide them with the basic ability to bite off and chew pieces of food for safe swallowing. As their oral structure expands and their mouth continues to develop your child’s primary teeth will gradually be lost to make room for the 32 permanent teeth that will serve them in adult life.

If a tooth is lost prematurely to a dental trauma or a severe case of tooth decay the structural void might affect the orientation and alignment of the eventual permanent teeth. This could increase their chances of needing orthodontic braces as well as other dental health complications.

If their routine dental checkup reveals a large cavity on one of your child’s teeth our dentist Dr. Justin Warcup will help you understand the possible treatment options. This might recommend treating the primary tooth by installing a white zirconia dental crown.

Sometimes referred to as a dental cap, this treatment strategy will effectively replace the primary tooth’s enamel layer with a zirconia dental material. The dental crown will essentially maintain the tooth basic function and structural presence until it’s permanent replacement is ready to replace it.  

Once the tooth has been treated Dr. Justin Warcup might also recommend preventive treatments like a silver diamine fluoride (SDF) treatment.

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